The conventions of the Genovino Rooms & Apartments

If you stay in our Rooms & Apartments you can take advantage of special agreements and exclusive offers in the best facilities in the area, from restaurants to sports centers. This because we want to help you make the best of your stay, giving you advice while at the same time helping you save. The advantages for our clients are numerous. Look at the conventions and discounts we have reserved for you.

Pizzeria del Ponte:

10% discount

Hamburgheria Strike:

student menu also in the evening

Il Pestello d'Oro Trattoria Genovese

various discounts


discount on tours

Centro Surf bathing establishment:

10% discount

Ristorante Broad side sushi e poke:

10% discount

Luke Magia in cucina- Food Experience

various discounts


10% discount

In the neighborhoods of Albaro and Quino we bring you your bike or scooter under the house


Via Monte Zovetto, 8/14

16145 Genova GE – Albaro


375 5773101


Chiama Ora