What to do in Genoa

Genoa, more than this.

“When I was five years old, I saw it for the first time and fell in love right away.” This is what Fabrizio De Andre said of Genoa, and it is true that our city is a city easy to fall in love with. It takes only a moment to pass from small alleys that surround the old houses of the historical center to the grand and austere squares, or to walk by the frescoed palaces noble families, to the sea and its smells. What to see and do in Genoa are numerous, from a deeper understanding of Genoa’s artistic and cultural heritage, to a relaxing walk on the beachfront …
And do not forget the cooking… The focaccia and pesto are two of the numerous foods we are particularly proud of and very jealous !!!
Genoa more than this.

Are you too ready to fall in love?


Boccadasse is a blaze of colours that mirrors itself on the sea. A place where time seems to stand still, frozen between the rocks, the small houses and the fishermen’s net. For the habitants of Genoa ,Boccadasse is more than an antique fishing village , that is also to be noted easy to reach by foot from the center by walking along the beautiful and panoramic Corso Italia. For those of Genoa, Boccadasse means romance, a small angle of paradise where to dine with candlelight or have ice cream and enjoy the sunset. From Boccadasse going east, one reach two other famous places:quarto dei Mille, where Garibaldi left on his famous excursion to unite Italy, and the parks of Nervi, a botanical oasis where one can relax and enjoy the ocean that breaks on the rocks.

Historical center

The historical center of Genoa is the true heart of Genoa, in all senses. In its origin medieval, the historical center is a vast area of alleys called by the locals “caruggi.” Every house, every corner, every place is a testimony to the glorious past of Genoa as a maritime Republic and as the commercial heart and center of the Mediterranean. The area that encloses Via Garbaldi and Via Balbi with the beautiful Rolli palaces has been declared by UNESCO , World Heritage of Humanity. The area between the scenic Piazza De Ferrari and the Porto Antico is immense and rich in what to do and see. To list all would be impossible, but we try to list a few…..
The characteristic cathedral San Lorenzo..roman and gothic in architecture ;Palazzo Ducale and its rotating cultural exhibitions;Palazzo San Giorgio, all affrescoed;Porta Soprana, the old medieval entrance to the city; and then there is Palazzo Reale, Sottoripa, Spianata Castelletto( for a great view from above of the city) and so many more treasures to live and discover..

Acquarium of Genova

In the area called Porto Antico, you will see a large grey structure designed by the famous architect Renzo Piano, which holds inside one of the most famous attractions of Genoa, the Aquarium. It is the largest aquarium in Italy and the third in Europe, but most importantly it is a truly fascinating place where one can observe and study 400 different species of animals, for a total of 15,000 animals together. From sharks to dolphins, from penguins to alligators, from seals to piranhas, It is an incredible adventure not only for the kids ut adults also, where to let one self go and learn to love the sea and its inhabitants.

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